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  • ONE of the local pounds...

    ...and this was always thought of as one of the better ones. Some animals are adopted from it, or were:

    And the woman who started the ball rolling is complaining about the hassle she's getting? She broke all the rules: she identified herself to pound employees and used a phone that could be traced to her.

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    From the link:

    The group was not permitted to address the board as Harrison County Commissioner Barbara Pincola explained that rules require any persons wishing to talk during the official meeting to meet the requirement of requesting to be placed on the agenda a minimum of nine days prior to the date.

    This is bull, and residents need to demand changes if that is the situation. This is not democracy. My township requires 5 days notice in advance to place an item on the agenda, but anyone can address any issue after the meeting business has completed.

    But I know of some places that require people to register in advance, and actually submit their questions in writing, and adhere to those words when they address the officials. Now that smacks of totalitarianism.


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      No, those really are their rules. Our county commissioners got busted on that when they required two weeks' notice and reserved the right to refuse to hear a certain person, but theirs haven't been caught yet (we're in the county next door.)


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        *shaking head* What a mess.

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          I guarantee you that if any of us had been caught leaving a dog chained up outside without shelter, bedding, food or water we'd be in jail. However, if you're a professional...