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  • Raccoon's trouble

    I wonder why our roof has become a haven for the raccoons! Earlier it was the falconry birds, I donít know where they escaped to and never thought these raccoons will take after their place. I have tried live trap with some dry cat food and even bow and arrow. Though they were successful, never could I eradicate all of them. Also if I could, who knows those falconry birds wouldnít come again! I heard about net mesh for grabbing the raccoon, how is it done? Or do you think that I should go for some raccoon removal services in Hamilton ( ) Or any other ideas on how can I kill them?

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    You would probably be best served by using a company that has expertise in trapping raccoons, and they can advise you on how to stop them from getting in again. You may have overhanging branches that allow them roof access, or other simple fixes to stop them from coming again.


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      Have you tried contacting animal control in your area?
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