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    Looking at their soft, furry skins and those watery, colorful eyes gleaming with innocence, you do not need to be convinced that cats are beautiful creatures.

    Did you adopt a female kitten? If that’s the case then it’s a no-brainer that the first thing you’d want to do is give your new, beautiful pet a name. Right here, there is a list of ten best names you can give to your girl cat to depict their personality or make them stand out.

    1. Lily

    The name Lily means a beautiful flower. The name creates a fragile, beautiful ambiance around your kitty and makes her appear a lot friendlier than she might be.

    Lilies are a royalty among flowers, and a cat with such name will always stand out from the crowd
    Generally, cats with the name Lily are said to be really boisterous, so if your cats have an agile personality alongside her delicate beauty, then Lily is a good suggestion.

    2. Bella

    If you feel like you need a humble, loyal and loving companion, “Bella” surely has a nice ring to it.
    Bellas are generally described as intelligent, beautiful and devoted. Indeed, those qualities are what the name Bella depicts.

    Bellas love being petted and groomed like you would do a little girl. So you might want to name your kitty “Bella” if she is cuddly and somewhat all girly around you.

    3. Thalia

    Sometimes you want to go unique with your pet’s name, and this would render popular names a bit short-falling. At this point, you might want to go a bit exotic.

    Thalia is an exotic female cat name with a European swag to it.
    It is a Greek name that means Blossom. Thalias generally have a jovial spirit, they’re playful and fun to be with, plus when someone calls out the name Thalia, it sounds really special knowing it’s a really rare beautiful name and your cat has it.

    4. Fiona

    Fionas are really attractive to the eyes. Indeed, Fiona is derived from Gaelic Fionn which means fair, comely, beautiful or anything that comes close.

    If you know about the bewitched Princess Fiona from Shrek, then you’d have a little more insight into the personality of Fionas.

    But generally, they’re adorable.

    5. Chloe

    This is among the top popular female cat names in the United States; needless to say, the name is really adorable.
    It is a name befitting fora boisterous, charming female feline. Chloe originates from Greek and refers to fresh, young, blooming or fertile.

    It is said that these cats are sometimes overly playful and could be really carefree. If your cat has these personalities, Chloe should do a good job. But that’s up to you to decide.

    6. Molly

    This is one of the cutest names out there. They are naturally gentle but really curious and independent.

    It’s quite normal to find your cat all over the place checking out every detail around her, and if she hates it when you meddle in her business, she can pull a holy moly on you. So you best give her some respect, and she will return it in ten folds.
    If you got yourself a cat like that, that could be Molly.

    7. Stella

    Stella originates from Latin and means star. They are generally entertaining. There are no dull moments with these, and you will certainly love such kittens if you love having fun.

    They’re creative and can turn almost everything into a toy. But you have to be careful, it may damage a thing a two in your room. But they don’t really do much since they’re just so small and so cute.

    8. Nala

    If you are familiar with the Lion King, Nala should bring back good memories. It is a lovely name for a kitty that is all-around lovable.

    The name means gift and has its origin from Swahili. It’s a really nice name, plus it has this cute, exotic flair to it.

    Nalas have an air of royalty around them, they’re quite fearless, loving and loyal at the same time.

    9. Cassie

    Usually, this is short for Cassandra, but Cassie goes all the way for a pet. It originated from the Greek language and generally means one who fills with love.

    Indeed, if she fills you with love and warmth, you may have found the right name for her.
    They’re generally gentle and playful at the same time. Casey could be your best friend with whom you share all your secrets, it will all be safe with her.

    10. Mia

    Meaning Mine, a beloved, wished-for child in Latin, it is a beautiful name for a kitty who although generally lovely, somewhat has this possessive attitude.

    Mias are really lovely and caring but are always around you even when you probably need100 percent solitude. But really, you needn’t push them away when they really want to keep you company (they don’t bite, do they?).

    If you have a feline that really loves and is eager to bond with you, but gets pissed off when you show disinterest, I think you’ve got a Mia.


    A name is something that will most certainly stick for life, especially for pets, so you have to make a good decision. But don’t fret. Naming your kitten is a fun process, just take your time, analyze her behavior, her physical appearance and listen to your gut. You’ll do alright.

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    Whatever name one chooses, keep it simple and short. And stick with just one name, not a bunch of nicknames or your cat will be confused as to whom you are referring to. Don't call your cat's name in anger, or your cat will associate the name with punishment. I will pet my cat and give head and chin rubs while saying her name. And sometimes, you cat will name itself. It does something that suggests a name. Sometimes those are the best names.


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      I love Stella. I kept one of my cat nameStella. BTW, i want to have cat stroller. Where should i look for that? Any gudiance like
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        Originally posted by almi89 View Post
        I love Stella. I kept one of my cat nameStella. BTW, i want to have cat stroller. Where should i look for that? Any gudiance like
        I now have my second Stella - I love the name and she knows it's her name.
        Karen A/Publicist