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Twenty years hobby comes to an end

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  • Twenty years hobby comes to an end

    It was 1998 that I purchased my first Gouldian finches and started breeding for a hobby. As time went on I increased the number of birds and one year raised over 50 Gouldians to sell to others. After my DH suffered a severe illness in 2010 I decided that I needed to start the dispersal that I knew would come one day. I sold off all my young birds as well as some of the breeders and gave away some of my older birds. But I was left with a lot of birds (from the original flock of 165) that needed their forever homes and they stayed with me. Since these were the older birds, I figured it would be at most 5 years until they would all be gone since their normal life span is about 5-8 years. But they kept going and going. Late last year I lost Big Blue and yesterday we lost the last Gouldian. This was a one-eyed bird that was tossed from the nest by his father. I found him on the floor and managed to get him back in the nest. Miraculously, he survived but had lost his eye in the process. He was hatched in 2006! He was slowly declining in health but a 12 year old finch is quite impressive. So after 20 years I'm without a finch in my house. While he didn't sing for the last 4 or 5 years, I'll miss him.

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    It's hard to lose the last of the babies. Been there, done that. When I lost the last of the conures I suddenly felt really alone (even though I had a household full of kitties). Spike and Olive were the last of the mitered consures and it just felt so empty without their screaming (and boy could they scream).
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      Yes, Marci, conures sure can scream. I had a sun conure and she was really loud. My amazon is really loud too. It's hard to believe that at one time I had 3 parrots and 165 finches and now I'm down to 1 parrot. Herbie makes up for the loudness of all the parrots but I sure miss the chattering of the finches and the quiet warbling of the Gouldians. But all good things must come to an end and yesterday was it for the finches. I may get a few in the future, but for now I'm going to enjoy the lack of dust.


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        So sorry...I didnít realize you had that many birds! Itís hard to give up something you love, but it seems we all must as we adjust to getting older.

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          Yes, that's so true. I look back at the work it took to breed all those birds and the joy it gave to see them every day. They were in a separate room but it was so much fun to hear them singing away. I had lots of contacts with people who also loved the birds but since I've not bred for 8 years now, lots have faded away. Just the other day I got a letter asking if I was still breeding. It's an interesting community that develops.


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            Aww, I"m sorry to hear that. I know you were looking to end the breeding, but it's still like an era gone by.
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