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How Many Parrot Can Remember.

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  • How Many Parrot Can Remember.

    The birds that are best at imitating human speech are parrots. They can learn to say hundreds of words, and they understand what some of the words mean. One amazing African Grey parrot named Einstein, who lives at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee, can say about 200 words.

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    Having had an African Grey as a pet I can say they are amazingly smart and can learn the meaning of many words. Oh the stories I could tell of being outsmarted by my bird. But crows can also imitate human speech and are similarly smart. If you have a chance, you might read about some of the experiments done with crows.


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      Facts About African Grey Parrots. If you've ever seen an African Grey parrot, then you know that they are beautiful birds, but did you also know that they are capable of amassing vocabularies of up to 1,000 words or more, and using the words that they learn to speak in context?