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    With the snow, wind and cold weather, the feeders are rather busy. Two shots. One of the ground, where there is spread mixed seed, and I get morning doves, juncos, and other ground feeders, including cardinals. And then the hanging feeders, and I now have a flock of goldfinches, with more color on them than I expected at this time of year. I have gotten chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and a large variety of other birds for the handing feeders. The hanging feeders have sunflower hearts, thistle, and the far one mixed seed. There is a partial mesh block on one of the feeders, to stop starlings from taking over the feeder and emptying it in five minutes. For the ground shot, the snow was cleared about 30 minutes prior, but todays snow quickly covers everything.

    feeders, Jan 4, 2018-2s.jpgfeeders, Jan 4, 2018-3s.jpg

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    Nice! I never get goldfinches.
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      The birds must appreciate the banquet on a day like that.
      Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager: