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Congo african grey parrot.

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  • Congo african grey parrot.

    In search of a new homes, ready to re home them in a negotiation price per bird and i am also willing to sell to anyone that is ready to take good care of them or to any person who is ready to buy one separately and i only need an intelligent person, someone knows or someone that have ever taken trained a bird. Please make sure you have the knowledge of this breed and life time home .They have a cage, like to stand in it while talking, they are so free roaming never shut in a cage. they are very happy like this and well behaved and like to go up the shop and pubic with me..!!! they are none flighty just happy to sit on the shoulder of his owner and also used to cats and dogs. They love sweets things, yes i bought them 4 years ago from a nasty house and their cage was far to small I just wanted them out of their mom and dad. They are good and train breed, kindly contact us, and while given it out. I will make sure you go home with a cage for the bird too. They do eats anything we eat and is very chatty and picks up things within a week, Very fast learner. Seriously I will only let them go to good and caring person who is ready to be friendly. Me given them away is because of my chest infections my doctor has recommend I cut back on my pets and with the dust from them. I love them dearly so am looking for a Paramount home for my baby's. Please need you to come and take good care of them..... If interested buyer are ready, will be waiting to hear from you guys.