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    Originally posted by ChowGuy View Post
    <Red and white kitteh loggin in from mail room>

    Hoo boy.My hoomin shoved me inna kitteh carriyer for some reason, and made me take a AIR BOAT ride. Over teh WATER! And the we spended a few days inna noisy place with a lotta DOGGIES. Nanow he has poot up with onea his fambly, fighting with a way old lappy top. An chow factree pawtow did not work there, What's up with THET anyway?

    I dunno iffn the Mouse and me can be atta confrinse dis Sunnyday but if I can back iin my own place and (da innernet are workin again) I will try. If not, I hope every buddy else can be to poot thayr heds dow for Cicero's daddy. He and his mommie are teh real ones to be thenkin about this month
    Boy ar we evur glad tew see this! We ar doin hokay heer, an haff bin thinkin abowt yoo an de Chow Guy an wuz werried abowt yoo. Tayke it eezy an dont get w.e.t.<liddo kittee shudder!>

    Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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      Glad yoo gyz are sayfe. Hoap yoo didnt get too wet an that ol yor stuff iz ok.
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        SEW glad yur sayf, Little Man and Nony Mousie. we wuz wurreed abowt yoo an dan Chow Guy. wez relee glad tew see dat yur hokay...we hoypz yur howiz iz hokay tew!

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