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  • Compuserve Forums being discontinued

    Those who have been around awhile may recall that "Critter Chat" and "Berffa's Diner" were originally part of a Compuserve forum called the Cats Forum, although eventually dogs, and even rabbits and chickens ("Buh Buh the Chicken"), eventually joined. I still look fairly regularly at about half-dozen Compuserve forums--Political Debate, Democrat, Books and Writers Community, Religion, Cooks Online, Science and Math. Now, at the top of each, there's a notice that Oath, which now owns what's left of Compuserve, is discontinuing the forums as of Dec. 15. Some of them will undoubtedly survive on other websites--most probably the Books and Writers Community, which features an "Outlander" section moderated by Diana Gabaldon (sp?). But the whole thing is very sad. Facebook has its place, but the forums fulfilled a totally different niche. Also, for years, when I had computer problems, one of the first places I asked a question was on one of the computing forums (I did just a few weeks ago, about a printeer).

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    I loved the old composerve dogs forum. In the end though, the powers that be kicked us out so they could run it themselves. It died after that. our posts here have slowed quite a bit, but at least we're still here. There are just some things I don't want to put on Facebook.
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      Books and Writers is going to its own site. Some of the other sysops set up another forum elsewhere, but B&W's crew decided to put up their own because the rules might not match and the new one could shut down just as suddenly. We're waiting on the new address.