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When family member gets home after long absence....

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  • When family member gets home after long absence....

    My wife has been in a rehab for about two months after an accident, and will get home in a week and a half. Bonnie hasn't seen her in all that time, although my wife does talk to her on the phone, we put the phone up to Bonnie's ear and Bonnie seems to react positively. How will Bonnie react when she comes home?

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    I think it depends on the cat. When my partner died, Brzee looked for her for several years, while the other cats did not appear to notice her absence. I occasionally visit a cat I adopted out to a friend when she was a kitten 11 years ago. I have no idea whether she remembers me, but she interacts with me and not with my friend's other guests.

    So she may remember your wife immediately, or she may need to get used to her again.

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      I think Bonnie will be really happy to see her mommie! Just try to keep things calm like this is no big deal. So sorry your wife was injured so badly.
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        Can you take Bonnie for a visit? She might think she's headed to the v.e.t., but both of them might enjoy it once Bonnie realizes she isn't the patient.


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          I am so sorry to hear about your wife. Most animals don't forget and I suspect she will be very happy to see her.


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            I'm sorry to hear about your wife's accident but happy she will be home soon. Bonnie is likely to be very happy to see her again - remember things around the house carry your wife's smell and smell is how cats know people (and other cats). She won't have forgotten your wife.
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              Cats remember. Bonnie will be very happy.
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