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Bonnie begins to develop signs of growing old

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  • Bonnie begins to develop signs of growing old

    Bonnie is now 10 1/2. Recently, we noticed she hadn't gone to the litter box in a few days, and we brought her to the vet, who examined her, hydrated her and gave her an antibiotic shot just in case. The vet then called back after her test results were delivered, saying her urine was very concentrated. She asked us to put some water in each time we give her food, which we've been doing. I also asked about Miralax (a laxative I used to give our old cat) and she said it wouldn't hurt, give her one-eighth of a cup a day. But then she had diarrhea, so we decided to give her a little less (maybe a pinch twice a day). Any coments on this situation? The vet also said her bloodwork was fine, but one of her kidney levels was slightly raised, possibly hinting at the very early stages of kidney disease.

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    We always worry as our dear ones age, and it seems you are being on top of the situation. Hopefully this is just something temporary. What about pumpkin instead of Miralax, and it might be a way of getting more water into her?


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      It’s hard to realize they’re getting older, but Bonnie has lots of good years ahead of her! Keeping her hydrated will help with her constipation. Cicero was constipated most of his life. I didn’t like the idea of Miralax—1/8 cup seems like a lot of Miralax to me.... Pumpkin is good if she’ll eat it, Cicero didn’t like pumpkin but he loved baby food squash and it really did wonders...get a brand with no added sugar or garlic, just plain squash. You might think of getting a kitty water fountain for her to make drinking water more attractive.
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        My old girl, Sassafras, gets 1/4 teas of Miralax daily to keep her constipation in check. I recently found a water fountain that she approved of. I got it from It just gently bubbles up from the center of the fountain.
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          She is in the youth of old age. It is good that you have noticed her issues and are dealing with them well. You can easily learn to hydrate her yourselves - I did it alone. I agree about the pumpkin - gentler.
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