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Playing rough with the cat

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  • Playing rough with the cat

    I enjoy playing a little (although not too much) rough with our cat, Bonnie, pushing on her legs and having her kick back, sometimes putting my arm near her and having her grab it and bite it (gently, and she always licks me afterward). My wife has asked me to stop, since she says it encourages Bonnie to claw her (although not that hard) when she wants food. What do people here think?

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    I think that I am not so foolish as to intervene in a dispute between spouses.
    Dav Vandenbroucke


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      It is far easier to settle a dispute between two cats than it is between two spouses. I will pass.


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        I think that first, you need to clip Bonnie's claws as close to the quick as is safe. Then if she claws your wife, Bonnie should get a time-out. No food and ten minutes in the bathroom, say, to show her that there is no benefit to clawing at your wife.
        Karen A/Publicist


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          The Bee and me, Maggie Forever! (January 1988- June 19, 2010), Irving Always! (March 1987 - October 25, 1999) Vancouver, BC, Theo my big beautiful boy. July 27, 2010-April 3, 2017


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            OK, so Iíll jump in here. Playing rough with the cat encourages unwanted behavior in the cat, and I do think you should can have fun with her wit an interactive toy just as well.

            Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager: