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  • Bonnie and Iams

    Bonnie used to have a "snack" of Iams dry food at night after her two small cans of wet food, but maybe three years ago we changed it to a healthy-type brand of dry food called Blue. Then I decided to save money by switching back to Iams. She started throwing up, and I decided to switch back to Blue and then she stopped throwing up. Maybe at the age of 12 she can no longer tolerate what she did at age 7 or 8, or maybe there's something in the Iams dry food that was added. Any ideas?

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    All my cats are IAMS eaters, the regular orange bag variety, and I haven't seen any issues. Misty is my oldest at nearly age 14 and she eats IAMS, although she is the only one who gets offered Meow Mix and she likes it also. Of course, Misty will not eat any wet food, so go figure.


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      Abby started having problems with throwing up and diarrhea at about 8. It was out of the blue. The vet thought she might have IBD or some related condition and switched to a different food. That seemed to work. It was strange because she ate the same thing for 8 years before without a problem and then all of a sudden she did have a problem.
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        Mine seem to throw up less eating Blue. Maybe there is something in the Iams she doesn't tolerate well.
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          I’ve used Blue for years when Cicero developed an intolerance to any added fiber in his food. That could be the problem with Bonnie. I’ve fed Blue to Poppy since she came to live here.
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