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Wanting us to watch her eat?

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  • Wanting us to watch her eat?

    Occasionally, Bonnie asks one of us (by meow-ing, and leading us) to go to the kitchen. It's not for food--the food's already there--but as soon as we get there, she starts eating. We also noticed this behavior with our first cat, Celeste, who occasionally just wanted us to watch her eat. But what's the reason for this behavior?

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    I’ve heard of that before with friends’ cats. Do you suppose it’s a security thing, her lion pride watching her back while she has her head down?


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      I don’t know the reason but Abby is like that. I keep a supply of kibble for her in the bathroom. (Long story). She will not eat any of it unless I am in there with her. She often seems to lead me there.
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        Poppy just wants some skritches before she eats, I don’t have to stay....
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          Yes! This happens to my cats as well all the time. She meows to me and I figured she wanted food, but when I go to her bowl, there's food already and she only starts eating. I always wondered about this....