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Ski party atta Comfrinse!

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  • Ski party atta Comfrinse!

    Hey critters! Don't forget that tomorrow is not only the firstest day ovva New Year, but also the First Sunnyday of the Month. Which means COMFRINSE DAY. And thi confrinse will be extra special cuz we are openin the Ski Slope!! YAYYY!

    Altho, it won't all be fun and games acourse. We also gotta say goodbye this week to Unka Midnights Angul Puddles, an to tha sweet little Bon Bon kitten, who never even got a chance to become a Chow Tester <sniff>. So dont let you hoomins forgat to turn you pooyyers on, no matter how late they are out watchin balls drop!

    Nony Mouse
    The Chow Guy Purrsonal Assistant to Little Man
    Owned and Operated by Tiger Bell Cat 1997-2013

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    Annaow we gott ay guudbye tew Muffy tew! Juss duzzint seem ryte! But I wyll be there! I gotta noo payr ov skiis I gotta try owt.

    Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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      puttid awn kaleendur. Mommee beddah nawt furgit tew turn onna kompyutter
      Yasmine; Staff: Your First Cat.
      I love the smell of espresso in the morning.
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