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I yam so smart!

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  • I yam so smart!

    Mommee tuuk me to de v.e.t. Today, an gess whut! I yam so smart I didint evin hafta have enny tests! I Juss growld an konvinct mommee an de v.e.t. dat I wuddint needta be stukk by a needul.

    Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:

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    Thet iss schmart, lettin thet V.E.T know you was not gonna put up wit any needlin! We missed you atta comfrence yestaday, but Preshie was there an said yore mommee was atta show wit someone called Art. Hope she fun, she needs some these heah days. (Bows head fof yore daddee)
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      Yeppers, I wuz reely in kontril of de situashun! Mommee didnt get hoam yesserday until aftur de konfrins. Day gayve hur a gift sertifikut for alla de werk she haz dun fore dat art show! She hadda guud tyme wiff hur frends.

      Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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        Yore da bests, Cicero. Yoo dont need no stinkin' needulz, an you need tu keep yore mommee company.

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          Gud fer yoo Cicero. Yoo iz still a dayngerus boi.
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