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Stranger inna Mouse House!

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  • Stranger inna Mouse House!

    The Hoomin wented off this mornin, and comed back home with someone even stranger then HEis. He said it was his hoomin sisser. and she is gonna be stayon here a few nights. And tomorrow his hommin brother is coming to town too. They and alotta other related couzzins an stuf are gettin together for a reunification or somtin llke yhat. The stoopid cat has been hiddin (I mean guardin) unner the bed while I have makin like a private eye an watchin all stealthy and quiet as (ahem) a mouse.

    The upshoy howeber is neuther of ussus is prolly gonna be atta xomfrins the Sunnyday. but we hope you will unnestand. We gotta make sure nothin weerdern usyool happens ta our meal ticket,

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    I hope dat yor daddee is havvin fun wiff his relatiffs. I awlso wyll nawt be atta konfrins awn Sunnydse. Mommee is gowing tew a werkshawp tew lern how tew paynt <LKL> an wont be heer tew tern awn de pyootur.

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      Wee shud prolly mayk da komfrinss da following Sunnyday.

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