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Introducing a cat to teeth brushing

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  • Introducing a cat to teeth brushing

    Since this has been a topic in a couple of threads I thought people would perhaps benefit from reading about my methods.

    This has worked, even with MAZY, who is always, even though socialized, still a possible biting danger.

    I start by just getting them used to me rubbing my finger lightly along their lip line, either side. Most cats like this any way.

    While doing this, I put the c.e.t. toothpaste on a paw for them to lick off, and get used to the taste. (they actually like it!)

    Then, I start making the action more purposeful, putting them in the "holding position", which is: me on my knees, feet crossed behind me, cat between my knees facing out.

    Using a little more pressure which parts the lips, I'd be rubbing their teeth and gums instead of the lips, while they get used to me restraining them while doing it. After the action, again, putting a little paste on the paw.

    So now they are associating the action with the taste of the c.e.t.

    From there, I put the c.e.t. toothpaste on my finger, hold them in position, and rub it into their teeth and gums.

    This was a bit messy, so lately I've learned to use my other hand to kind of pry open the lips so I can make direct contact with the molars and gumline.

    All this took time of course, but cats can get used to any sort of handling if it's done gradually and gently enough.

    Oh, I forgot to mention..I always wash my hands before starting and between each cat.

    One thing I will add. If the cat is already experiencing mouth pain, I don't recommend contact brushing, even with a finger, until what ever is bothering has been rectified.

    Simply getting the c.e.t. paste in the mouth will offer some benefit.
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    about c.e.t. veterinary toothpaste

    Not all toothpastes for animals are created equal. The ones you buy in the pet store really aren't any good at all.

    You need an enzymatic toothpaste, one that works to break down bacteria, and that is what c.e.t. veterinary toothpaste is. It can be purchased from your vet.

    Never use a human toothpaste on any animal.


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      Thanks, Gail -- I think this is very useful for a lot of people!
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