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    Thanks, Gail

    Originally posted by GailS View Post
    You're welcome, Nancy. Yes, my vet told me that just getting the c.e.t. into the cat's mouth is beneficial. Direct contact with the teeth is best of course, but if you can get some in every day, it's a start.

    I don't really rub hard. Just kind of swipe the paste onto the teeth.

    Keep us posted!

    I put some on last night but her poor gums look so red and she backs away so either she is in pain or just being uncooperative. They do not look worse, just still red. I asked Dr. Gus if CET makes a spray (I'll look on the internet also). I can also try the water additive again if I can get it into a bowl that just Willie drinks. My old cat needs to drink cause of urinary issues she is prone to and doesn't like the taste. She cried at 2:00 pm last night and I had to get up and just pat her to make her go back to sleep. She is getting very needy lately, but she is over 100 in human years I guess so no wonder she's cranky and probably getting a bit demented also. I have read there is a cat equivalent to Alzeheimers so maybe....I need to make an appt. for her at the vet too, but they need to treat her so gently and sometimes they don't. Her back legs are very wobbly now and the last thing I want is for them to injure her accidentally in any way. Also, her stress level goes way up and the urinary thing comes with stress. Who would have every thought I would end up thinking going to a breeder would give me a good healthy cat and I ended up with more trouble than I have ever had with any cat in my long years of cat owning (poor Willie), but I love her too much to put her down for just bad gums unless she is in so much pain she has no quality of life. I will keep working at it and try to relax. I already have to take something to relax me because of so much stress. I don't know how to put things in perspective or something. Thanks for all your patience and I'm sorry if I repeat myself sometimes. I post alot and I forget what I have said sometimes.


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      Originally posted by Nancyrose View Post
      Dr. Gus,
      Does the cat have to be put under anesthesia to put on the sealant? Why would my vet not suggest putting this on? Should I suggest it? Also, since she seems to shy away from the water with the stuff in it I will probably use the spray since at least I know it is getting on the teeth. Is it just as good as water additive? I have water bowls all over the house and a finiky 18 year old who loves to drink and has urinary problems if she stops, so I am afraid to add it to all the water in the house and they all drink all over. I know there is one room that only Willie goes in to drink recently (she used to drink in my room only, but the falling balls from the trees on the greenhouse roof scared her to death and she literally won't enter my room anymore (any suggestions there? she used to sleep with me and I miss her...she won't even come in the room cause of the falling balls. Hopefully when fall ends here in NJ she will return).Anyway, I could add the stuff to her water where she drinks mostly now (in another bedroom) or use the spray if you think it is just as good. Is there a special brand of spray? I have Pet Dental by Four Paws which uses chlordexidrine Gluconate 0.12%, cetylpridinium chloride 0.05% and zinc gluconate 0.05%.If there is a better brand, please let me know. Does CET make one? Thanks again for your invaluable help with Willie.
      The teeth need to be clean and dry for the sealant to be applied.

      CET makes a rinse that can be squirted in the mouth for pets who won't drink the treated water (and water consumption is critical as you know).

      You can also buy straight chlorhexidine solution (unscented bec the scented stuff tastes awful) in a gallon or smaller quantities from your vet and dilute 1 part concentrate to 9 parts distilled water, use that as a mouth rinse or spray (mix up a small amount each day for use). The solution is for sterilizing stainless steel tables, etc., but it is the same active ingredient and that is how we used it before there were any commercially available oral forms of chlorhexidine.
      Dr. Gus