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Cats and baby aspirin for arthritis

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  • Cats and baby aspirin for arthritis

    We took our cat to vet today. He has arthritis he is an old cat he is 17 years old. And our cat has pain associated with the arthritis. So the vet suggested giving one tablet a day of 81 mg. low dose baby aspirin for the pain. I always thought that aspirin is toxic to cats. Why would the vet even suggest giving aspirin?? Aren't there pet medications for cats with arthritis pain??? I don't want to give him aspirin cause what if he got sick and died from the aspirin??? What could go wrong?? Am i right to be concerned??

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    Aspirin can be given to a cat under tight circumstances. One is a low dose, and it is done under the specific directions of a vet. An alternative to consider of Cosequin, which is non-prescription. It is a flavored capsule of glucosamine and chondroitin, and has been shown to help. There are actually limited choices for pain medication for a cat.

    Since he has already made it to 17, he has still lots more years of unconditional love to give, and you have done a good job of getting him to his geriatric years.

    Welcome to this forum. There is a lot of shared knowledge by pet lovers in this forum, so I am sure others will post their suggestions.


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      Please re-check that dosage with your vet, typical dosage for baby aspirin is one every THIRD day and there are other products that are safer. Cats don't metabolize aspiring well.


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        There isn't really a safe steroidal anti inflammatory available for cats. Aspirin given under a vet's supervision still should only be (depending on the weight of the cat) not more than half an 81 mg table every second or third day. 81 mg is too much all at once.

        There are other pain medications available, but they can cause drowsiness and other side affects. Buprenex (buprenorphine) and tramadol are two that come to mind. Dopiness and constipation are the main side affects of buprenex, and tramadol can also make them dopey.

        Your kitty has other options. There are laser therapy treatments that have been very successful at treating feline arthritis, and there are adequan injections. I recommend you look into these as a safer alternative for your senior kitty.

        Welcome to the forum, and please keep us posted!