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  • Oopsy

    Yesterday we had what could have been a major problem but we survived it. I had gone into Sass' bedroom and didn't close the door or put up the baby gate cuz I knew I wasn't going to be in there for long. When I went to leave I didn't see Sass but thought she was under the bed and didn't worry about it. Left the room and put the baby gate back up. I checked back a couple of times to see if I would see her but didn't. Still I wasn't overly worried. One of the times I saw Ms Oakley coming out of the bathroom but still nothing to be alarmed about. The last time I checked back I saw her outside the bedroom by the baby gate trying to figure out how come she couldn't get back in,. I opened up the baby gate and she walked in quietly. Didn't seem upset! Needless to say I felt like I'd lost several years off my life. Apparently she had been in the bathroom in the bathtub cuz her head was a bit wet (I have a small leak in the bathtub faucet). So she had been in there when Ms Oakley was also in there. I didn't hear any scuffles so apparently there was no major dust up between the two. Ms Oakley has been sitting in front of the baby gate today often hissing a little bit but no major issues on Sass' part. Needless to say I haven't left the door open at all today. It's just too early to let them spend time together.
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    It went better than expected. You're right not to push things, but all worked out well.
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      It sounds ss if they aren’t going to have serious issues with each other once they’re integrated.

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        I think those two are going to be just fine once you open the gate. Sometimes accidents lead to outstanding results.
        Karen A/Publicist