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  • Chase's favorite spot

    Actually, it is any spot near where I am/or was. Since Nala came into the house, Chase has been very clingy. She purrs a lot, is vocal, and absolutely loves head rubs, but not really into chin rubs. Right now, she is probably enjoying that Nala is temporarily absent. That should change in a few hours. And Chase is a very noisy sleeper. A remarkable collections of sounds come from her!

    Interestingly, Chase absolutely loves head rubs, and cannot get enough of them. But chin rubs, that is a different story. She doesn't really care for them. and head rubs sets off the purring.
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    I love her coloring. I hope her noisy sleeping doesn't keep you up at night.
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      I guess she just needs reassurance that your affections sren’t being transferred to the newcomer. She’s so pretty!

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