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What treatment (if any) for a 12 year old cat?

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  • What treatment (if any) for a 12 year old cat?

    My cat has been having issues with losing weight for several years. However, it got worse about 1 month ago (down to 10 pounds from his high several years ago of about 12) and he had an ear infection. I brought him to the vet, he had blood work and it showed an infection and slight HYPOthyroid which was probably due to being dehydrated. He got a shot for antibiotics and ear meds (and ear cleaning).

    So he certainly does not hyperthyroid. His white blood cell count was elevated (could be cancer or an infection). Fast forward a month later, his ear is clean (vet checked) but his eye isn't dilating. Then he had two seizures or lost his balance and couldn't get up. I couldn't tell. He lost more weight and we went back to the vet. Monday I come home from work and it is clear he can't see at all. In either eye. He looks at bright lights. I slept near him for two nights and would take him to food, water dish, litter box and he seems to have the litter figured out and we are getting there on the food and water. (I feed him before work, ran home yesterday and fed him and feed him at night -- by "feed" I mean I sit where his dish belongs and bang it around until he figures it out.)

    My question is this. The vet has suggested I see a pet neurologist. I am not against paying more BUT, my cat is 12. The vet and I suspect he has some cancer that spread to his brain. Is there any neurological issue that a neurologist would find that could be solved? The vet suggested it could be a neurological issue but I can't imagine it would just crop up at age 12.

    He seems happy; purrs and ran around some yesterday until he hit a door sort of hard. I think, if this is cancer, it may not be long but what else could it be?

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    As well as you do not move things around or clean things too vigorously (to remove scent trails) he will get along all right even if he can't see much. On the medical issue, I can't offer much of anything. A guess in the dark is that there may be a brain tumor pressing on portions of his brain. Benign or malignant, impossible to know. And yes, at age 12, something could just crop up. At 12 years of age, he is ready to apply for Social Security, being about 64 in human years.


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      Thanks so much for your reply. I mean neurological disorders usually happen early. I am just so heartbroken right now. I strongly suspect a tumor of some sort.


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        At 12, a stroke is a possibility, in which case he could possibly be treated. A 12year old cat potentially has a lot of life left (my cat is currently 19-1/2), so if he were my cat, Id get it checked out to see if its something treatable.

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