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    Misty was never in my sights as I sought to round out my clowder. And at the shelter, Misty wasn't even offered for adoption. But the cat I came to look at turned out to be hostile to being with other cats, and they mentioned a cat that had just been brought in, but wasn't yet displayed. My requirement was that she be semi-long haired, and a senior cat. She has put me through a roller coaster of health issues, but the amount of love I give and receive cannot be measured in mere dollars. It now appears that her health issues are behind her, unless she develops new ones. And she is over 12 years of age. When I am around, she will either be in front of the computer screen when I am trying to do something, or if I am eating in the kitchen, she will sit and watch me. She is perhaps the smallest of my cats, but there is no question who rules. She is such a dear. And yes, her fur is very soft.

    BTW, she has staked out the exit from the kitchen, trapping any cat that is in the kitchen from leaving. You don't mess with Misty!

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    Shes really a gorgeous kitty. Im glad her health issues seem to be resolved. You cant put a price on good health and love.
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        She looks great. Im glad she is doing so well.
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          She is a real beauty. I'm happy to hear that her health issues are resolved.
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