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Gabapentin baby aspirin?

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  • Gabapentin baby aspirin?

    Roger (age 8, 17lbs) was just prescribed Gabapentin for his arthritis. He is so far turning his nose up at the crushed pill in his wet food, so Iííll try a pill pocket next. In the meantime does anyone know if itís safe to give him 1/2 a baby aspirin along with the portion he did eat, plus the glucosamine pill he ate happily? Or is that too many meds for one ďbig-bonedĒ kitty?

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    I don't know the answer. I think you should ask your vet rather than rely on what some person on the internet tells you.
    Dav Vandenbroucke


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      Iím sure youíre right. Theyíre office is closed right now so I thought Iíd try crowd sourcing the question and see if anyone with experience had some advice.


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        I donít think itís a good idea ever to dose a kitty without vetís advice. Cats are very sensitive to things like aspirin and Tylenol. Tylenol can kill a cat, and cats should never take aspirin without vet supervision. Medications also interact differently with cats and dogs than they do in humans, so while you and I might be safe in taking aspirin in combination with gabapentin, you should wait to check with your vet for your cat. We are not vets here, so anything we say is from layperson opinions only.
        Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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          Ok, thank you.


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            We are not vets here, so we really cannot give out medical advice. But many have opinions and experience. Aspirin is generally toxic to a cat, and the gabapentin is a pain medication, as well as an anti-anxiety medication. My two cents is not to give him the baby aspirin, even though it is a low dose. There are some YouTube videos on pilling your cat, and of course they make it look so easy. There are also pill guns. Check these out: