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    I used sentry fiproguard plus for flea control on my indoor cats after realizing our newly adopted cat had fleas. I thought it had been 4 weeks and went ahead and applied advantage 2 but then realized it had only been 3 weeks!!!! Is this ok???

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    Watch your cat very closely tonight and contact your vet or an emergency vet for ressurance as soon as you can...or you can contact the manufacturer of the flea treatment or the poison cntrol center... if the cat is acting normally it should be okay, but if there had been an application if flea treatment just three weeks ago Im wondering why it had fleas. Were not vets here and can only give advice from our own experience.
    Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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      This is the overdose hot line for Advantage 2, which may be of some help since that was the last product you used: 1-800-422-9874

      However, Sentry Fibroguard Plus has a control period of up to 12 weeks, so I am not sure why you used another product after four weeks. However, don't beat yourself up over that, just look for any possible side effects. Here is the Sentry hot line: 1-800-224-PETS