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Cabinet locks for cats

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  • Cabinet locks for cats

    I need the best baby (cat ) locks for our cupboard drawers & doors.
    Anyone have excellent results from a particular brand/style?

    We just moved to a new house so we are all getting used to everything.
    The first night I put all three cats in a nice size room- which will be the cat room- with a spacious adjoining bathroom.
    They had their familiar trees, beds, litter boxes, dishes and other various toys for the night.

    In the morning I went to open the door and start a new day in our new home with them... but... the door wouldn't open no matter how hard I pushed it.
    I started to panic. I couldn't figure it out. the door kept banging hard against something- but what???

    The door only opened maybe a half inch. So I was able to see that two cabinet drawers had been pulled all the way open. The drawers were right next to the door which opened into the room.

    So now the problem was how to open the door. Couldn't take off the hinges since the door opened into the room, no hinges exposed.
    There was a window but it was locked.

    My panic increased so much by this time. And... the moving truck wasn't coming for a few more hours so we had no tools to try to open the door.
    My husband thought the best way was to drill a hole- an opening like a cat door- into the door so we could get our hands in ther to shut the drawers, or something like that.

    When the moving truck arrived three hours later, we told them our problem and needed our tools/ drill etc. In the meantime my husband went to the hardware store to get a saw and a few other items, but he really needed a drill to start the hole. Buying another drill was over $100.
    But it wasn't until close to 5 hours later that the drill emerged from the truck.

    My husband got his drill and all necessary accessories and began drilling a few large holes. We took a dowel that was in the house and poked it through the hole to push the drawers shut.

    Got the cats out! I was so relieved!!
    I have since taken out those drawers but would like to use them if possible.

    So back to my original question- any tried & true cabinet locks for cats?

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    I have had cats who think nothing of snuggling in the cabinet among the food, which is not good. I used these:

    They are very inexpensive, and a Target store is usually in every town. I think the blow up picture is a bit misleading. It isn't that large of a gap.

    This one uses an adhesive to secure it, so no drilling necessary:

    Going to any store where they have baby stuff, and one can usually find an assortment of cabinet locks.


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      Is the cabinet a built-in? If not you might think about securing it to the wall so they can’t pull it down on themselves. Cats usually open cabinet doors, not drawers!
      Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager: