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    I am looking for a comfy cone for my cat recently some biopsy’s done. How about this - I read a review that this product is really soft and comfortable instead of plastic cones.

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    When one of my cats had dental extractions, the vet used a Fentanyl patch, that she was not supposed to lick. Other of my cats left it alone, but she wanted to lick it. The vet provided an inflatable collar. She had it off before she got home. I put it back on, and it was off in about 10 seconds. Fortunately she didn't lick anymore. What you have posted seems all right to try, but is it going to be really necessary? If your concern is licking the stitches, most cats won't enough to cause a problem. If it is a more extensive area, some have put their cat into an infant onesie. They are usually cheaper then the commercial cat recovery suits.