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  • Tige's gotcha day

    It is actually the 23rd, but today where I found her ensconced was too good to let go. My indoor project was to completely paint my bedroom, so things were taken off the floor and the drapes down, and everything piled on the bed. That is like ringing the bell for Tige, who finds the most comfortable spot. And she looks so satisfied with what she has done. She has been in her forever home for now two years. She will be seven in June. When I got her, she was in foster care, and had a broken tooth. Dental work was immediately done, and I think that got her really happy. To show her happiness, she has gained quite a bit of weight, coming in around 17 pounds. She spends a great deal of her time doing absolutely nothing but if she wants to be on my lap, or wants to snooze in my chair, she has ways of letting me know. She is extremely good natured although one pet too much, and she can be lightning fast with the claws. She purrs readily. None of my other cats bother her at all. To them, she is very docile. I wish she would lose weight, but she is a very big boned kitty.



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    She's a beauty. Happy Gotcha day Tige!
    Jill Gallo /Manager
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      Happy belated gotcha day Tige! Hope you had a great one!
      The Bee and me, Maggie Forever! (January 1988- June 19, 2010), Irving Always! (March 1987 - October 25, 1999) Vancouver, BC, Theo my big beautiful boy. July 27, 2010-April 3, 2017


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        Belated gotcha day! Such a beautiful kitty!
        Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager: