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  • Take a seat.....

    Nala is more than happy to share the sofa with me. All I have to do it lose about 100 pounds! And in the picture, upper right, is the sofa dent Elsa leaves, along with a lot of her fur.


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    She looks pretty comfy there without you!

    Little Man is fine. with sharing the sofa with me (or any chair I happen to attempting to sit in) but he prefers his bed. Although he's about OK with sharing that with me, too, as long as I don't get and expect him to move.

    My sofa has a dent like that too; don't see him use it much, but it's there from before - when a 19 pound kitty dents an over stuffed pillow backed sofa, it {i]stays[/i] dented.
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      Well, we know who owns the house! Poppy likes to sleep i. The back of the sofa whike we watch tv.
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        Could she make herself any longer?
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          Abby will only sit on my lap on the sofa otherwise she ignores it.
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            Nala loves to spend time of the sofa, but readily moves if it looks like I intend to sit. She then comes to snuggle tightly against me. That forces me to give her head scritches.