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My dog and cat don't get along

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  • My dog and cat don't get along

    I have a Poodle and a Persian Cat. Ever since I brought the Persian home, she has never liked Tom's company. I really wish they could tolerate each other

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    Originally posted by petmaster View Post
    i have a poodle and a persian cat. Ever since i brought the persian home, she has never liked tom's company. I really wish they could tolerate each other
    What have you tried with regards to introductions? I recently introduced a new cat to a dogs-only home, and from my limited experience, it takes a lot of patience and a gradual introduction of the cat to the dogs. My cat turned out to be a pretty mellow dude, so we managed the introductions pretty fast, but I know it can take a while. I used babygates throughout the house to limit their interactions at first, until things were clearly calm. What have you tried?
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      How old is the cat? An older cat that hasn't been raised with dogs will be a harder sell, but it can be done. Mary's right about the slow introductions. You may need to go back and separate them and start from square one. Author Amy Shojai, who is on the forum from time to time, has a book called "Competability" which has a lot of good information. I noticed in another thread that you are thinking of getting a bird. I would not introduce a bird into this mix until you can resolve the tension between the dog and the cat.
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