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Animal Poison Control Center #

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  • Animal Poison Control Center #

    I posted this in another thread, but it was off topic.

    I thought it might reach more people if I started a new thread.

    I keep this number right next to my phone

    SPCA Animal Poison Control Center


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    As someone who used that service I can highly recommend it!

    One morning when I was half awake I accidentally gave my cat Missy the Rimdayl that was for my dog Lady. I called and was able to talk to a veterinarian, we tried to get Missy to vomit the pill back up but all the peroxide in the world wouldn't work. I did not have the medical charcoal on hand, I now keep it on hand. I was advised to take her to my vet and we watched her liver and kidney functions for a few months but all was fine.

    One thing, there is a charge for this service, I don't know what it is now but at the time I called it was $45.00. In my case Pfizer the make of Rimdayl paid for the call. I was impressed.


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      Thanks for the additional information and sharing your experience. I didn't know there was a charge, but I don't think that would matter to me if I needed help right away.

      Glad Missy was okay.



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        Looks like it is $50 now - here is a link to a web page with a good writeup on it.



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          thanks for posting this important and possibly crucial information.

          best regards .mitch


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            Good idea. I made this a sticky thread so that it wouldn't scroll away as people post.
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              Originally posted by JGallo View Post
              Good idea. I made this a sticky thread so that it wouldn't scroll away as people post.
              good idea, thanks Jill.




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                Firefighter notification

                I love the idea of having the poison control #. I'm putting it on my fridge under my vets magnet for quick reference (hopefully we'll never need it).

                I also found something that puts my mind at ease at the very least. The ASPCA has window stickers that you can put on your house which will notify firefighters that there are pets in the house. My husband and I have placed them at our front door, back door and patio/side door. It doesn't stick like a normal sticker to the window, it's more like one of those plastic decals that come off. Anyway, you can write that you have pets, what kind (there are check boxes) and how many along with a contact phone number.

                The only problem I've ever found with it is that it fades in the sun a little so you have to re-write on it every so often. We also have one that we put on our travel trailer. I just feel it gives me the peace of mind that if something was to happen, maybe they'll know there's animals in my house and make sure to look for them/save them.

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                  Excellent tip Jenifir, thank you for posting.

                  I have those on my doors and windows too, and your post has reminded me that they ARE faded, and I could really use some new ones.




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                    Ah, I thought this had been made a sticky. Just bumping it up.

                    The fee is now $65. I can't speak highly enough of the dedicated staff and vets who keep this service running.




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                      Thanks for waking up this thread, Gail. As you can see it's been a while since anyone posted on it but now I will remember where it is
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