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Equifax data breach

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  • Equifax data breach

    Well, it has now been reported that the data breach was even worse then first reported. Additional information, including tax IDs and driver's license details, may have been accessed in a hack that affected 145.5 million customers, according to confidential documents Equifax provided to the Senate Banking Committee seen by CNN. The disclosure follows Equifax announcement of the breach in September, which compromised sensitive data like names, date of birth, Social Security numbers and home addresses.

    And there doesn't seem to be any desire by the government watchdogs to hold the company responsible in a way to prevent future data breaches. The company offers a credit freeze, which can be awkward for many people. And in some States, it is not at no cost. To see if you may be a victim, I have provided a link:

    Fortunately, I do not seem to be a victim, but that could change. What I find so annoying is after a breach, the response is often to sell you on a service to protect you from the use of the data that may have been stolen.

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    What a mess!
    Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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      I was already notified by Equifax that I was involved and I accepted their offer of a watchdog program. To date with various companies I have accepted some four or five such programs free of charge. Also I placed a freeze myself.
      Karen A/Publicist


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        Aftef being involved with two other credit breaches i just gave it up and froze my credit with all three of the major bureaus. It took about 1/2 hour and because of my age and state didn't cost me anything..