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    Originally posted by LindaD View Post
    I don't think he enjoyed it too much. He was in a big hurry to get off and when I walked back to the plane for the picture he wanted to go the other way. But he's fine. Had a bath, toenail clip and met my two dogs. Tomorrow it's to the vet.

    These people who transport are priceless. I've done a few transports for our rescue and it's always a big worry how they will do. But overall, the dogs are normally well behaved, maybe because they are really scared of what is happening.
    It sounds like he's doing really well, considering his condition - I'm glad they caught it early!! What an adventure this dog has had!
    ----with Sadie, Elsie, Saffron, Peaches & James ----


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      Yes, he's had an adventure. Had him to the vet today and got the correct dose of doxycycline and he started that tonight. He has a month of that and then gets the imiticide to kill the heartworms. He's got to stay quiet for months now. He was a gem at the vet, loved everyone.