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Puppy eye injury

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  • Puppy eye injury

    I have a 15 week old Newfoundland puppy. My older collie got jealous of him getting a treat and snapped at him, biting him around his eye. This happened yesterday evening and he acted fine all night until right before bed. His eye looked a little swollen and some goop was coming out so we planned to take him to he vet the next day. Took him first thing this morning and his eye was practically swollen shut. His third eyelid is covering most of his eye. The vet put numbing drops and stain in them and looked in his eye for injury. He didnít see any injury. He said he wants to get a better look when swelling has gone down. He gave us clavamox oral meds twice a day, and then antibiotic drops for his eye 3 times a day, and carprofen antiinflammatory twice a day too. We are to go back in in 3 days (Monday) for a recheck and he said he may need to sedate him to see the eye more thoroughly.

    iím just so worried about him having to be sedated at such a young age, and worried about what he could have possibly would be so costly and scary to me...

    his droopy Newfie eyes are my favorite thing about him and looking at his eye so red and messed up is just worrying me to no end!

    Just looking for experience or knowledge on these things. I know half a day isnít long enough to see the meds are working...but Iím so worried they wonít work and more expensive testing and treatment will be needed. I love him dearly and will do whatís needed...but this is terrifying for me!

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    It sounds like the vet is doing all the right things. Itís always worrisome when our furkids go under anesthesia, but sometimes theeís just no avoiding it. I hope your Newfie does weel and heals quickly. Keep us posted.
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      I'm sorry this happened, but it sounds like your vet has it under control. One of our dogs had the third eyelid droop once for no reason known to us. It cleared up with prednisone. Keep us posted.
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        I have had dogs get eye injuries - my first dog as an adult, Tilly, was notorious for not closing her eyes when playing with other dogs - and it sounds severe, but on the right track. The third eye lid is a protective measure, and when it gets nicked or cut, these injuries will cause the eye to goop over, and that third eyelid becomes more visible and will be over part of the eye. If it helps any - veterinarians do spay and neuter surgery on a number of puppies at this age, especially those that come from rescues and shelters. So vets are well accustomed to operating on babies this age. And a newfie is a larger breed - so a newfie baby has more protections against incidents in surgery, they're a little more hardy than a chihuahua of the same age.

        I hope this helps,
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          How is your pup doing?