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Dog treats with little to no protein

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  • Dog treats with little to no protein


    My dog has lost some of her kidney function and to preserve what is left the vet has suggested a diet which consists of no protein.

    i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of dogs treats that contained no protein.


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    Not zero protein, but low protein in the following link:

    Here is one with no protein:

    Here is another with warning about no garlic:

    You may have to make your own treats, but they seem simple to prepare.

    It is unlikely to find any with NO protein, but many seem to offer low protein. The thriftyfun link is also low phosphorous which is important.


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      Here's one from amazon:

      Did your vet have any recommendations?
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        I question whether you understood right or if the vet was giving the right advice. Carnvores canít live withOut protein, and I doubt thereís a dog food that has no protein. Some vets do recommend low protein foods. You should clarify with your vet abd ask for food recommendations.
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