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Down Syndrome Exists in dogs?

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  • Down Syndrome Exists in dogs?


    Since childhood, I've raised many puppies because my dad love to have dogs, cats and parrots at home. Last year, my dog gave birth to 4 puppies. All of them were looking healthy at the time of delivery, and now, they are near about 9 months. All three are active, growing fast and love to play but one of them is very low. Even he is not growing as compared to siblings. He doesn't participate while his siblings play. I also found him in anxiety and irregular in taking food.

    I've gone through many articles over the internet and reached at a point that he could be suffered because of down syndrome. I searched several articles like this ( ) on down syndrome and talked with people. Many people say dogs don't have this syndrome, but many say there are rare chances.

    Do you think it is down syndrome and I should go for genes test or try to improve his diet and give him supplements if it is not down syndrome? I am a little worry on this issue. Did you guys face similar thing like this in a puppy? You can also recommend me more stuff to discover the symptoms of down syndrome in dogs.

    I also read here vets also answer the issues here. I would be pleased if any vet will give me the right direction on this issue.