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Should I Personally Groom My Dog In Lockdown?

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  • Should I Personally Groom My Dog In Lockdown?


    I usually use a professional grooming service for my dog and I really like the way he cuts nails and improves looks of my dog. Due to this lockdown and coronavirus spread risks, I am not taking my dog out of the home. I saw many pet owners are using face masks for their pets and going outside with them but I am not in its favour. That's why I don't want to visit pet groomer and want to use any of grooming kits and clippers instead of using a nearby grooming service. Though this article ( ) tells how to find better grooming service but it also refers to a number of grooming kits and requirements.

    Do you think I should try any online pet grooming service and then personally groom my dog? If yes, then please share any good pet grooming course or videos? You can also share your suggestions about the best grooming kits for newbies. I am waiting for your ideas about home grooming as well.