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  • Bed for large dog

    Hi all. What do you use for dog beds? Right now I am using human blankets stacked as my dog does not like her current dog bed. The dog bed is orthopedic dog bed and it is just the right size for her but I think she does not like it because it is not bigger. I do not think the blankets provide enough support as she is older and has joint discomfort. I was looking at some beds for great danes but they go up to $300! I am thinking about buying a cheaper memory foam dog bed or a fold up foam bed (queen size) in the $150 range. I think twin might be too narrow as my dog has long legs and she does not like hanging off. The pros of buying a dog bed is that it won't take up as much space as the queen size. The cons of buying a dog bed is that if my dog does not like her dog bed I am basically stuck with another dog bed that I do not have a use for (I finally did find a use for her current dog bed - my puppy plays on it and tries to pull out the fabric). Are there any other alternatives or are these my best choices?
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    My one dog sleeps on a dog bed sometimes, but the other dog sleeps with me. My male dog likes to move around at night so he's not always in the same place. Since I have very little experience with dog beds, I'm not going to be able to offer you much advice. There's no way of knowing if your dog will like it or not.
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