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My baby Rat isnt growing and his hair seems to be thinning out

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  • My baby Rat isnt growing and his hair seems to be thinning out

    My little boy was born December 13 2013 and he seemed to be doing very well. He was smaller than the other boys but he was bigger than the girls. I'm really worried about him because he isnt growing and more, he has had diarrhea for his whole life, and now his fur seems to be getting thin. He is half the size of his brothers now, THE RUNT IS EVEN BIGGER THAN HIM. It's worrying me and I'm wondering if someone can suggest what might be wrong.
    I need a answer ASAP

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry your ratty isn't thriving! I'm not a vet and of course can't diagnose anything over the 'net, but it sounds as if he might have some sort of metabolic deficiency. You really need to have him seen by a vet, preferably someone who specializes in small animals.
    Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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      I agree with DianeP that you need to get the little guy to the vet. He is failing to thrive and they may have some answers for you. Ratties are so cute.
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        Hi, this is the old thread but I want to share a little bit of experience about this issue. First thing first, I am not a specialist or vet, but based on my previous experience and maybe I am wrong. Just my personal opinion.

        If the rat is affected with some kind of diseases, it might be the vet to tell more about it, but if your rat seems to be not so very well it could be 2 things.

        The rat is not happy and stress. When the cage is the same setting for so many months and even years, it could lead to boredom and stress to the rat. Rat is an animal that always needs exercise and stimulation and happy for the new thing. Maybe you could just rearrange the mazes inside the cages or change a new toy.

        And the second thing is the rat is not given nutritionally balanced food. A young rat needs different nutrient than the adult rat. It could lead to sickness as well if the right kind of diet not being introduced to a certain age. You should check out the suitable rat food and change according to certain nutrient for the best health of your rat.