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  • My new kitten

    Hi my name is James I adopted my first kitten Misty on August 2 2019......She was 11 week now she is 12 week.....I adopt her from my humane society.......I have some questions Because she is my first ever kitten

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    James, we welcome you and Misty to our forums. We have lots of kitties from the age of your little Misty to some quite old. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. We have many knowledgeable cat people here to answer you.
    Karen A/Publicist


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      The first thing to realize with a kitten, is that they have tremendous energy, and get into and onto everything. But they are just so much fun, and grow up so quickly. My Misty is 13 years old. Feel free to ask any questions, as there is a lot of experience in this forum, and please, post some pictures. And welcome.


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        Hi, welcome to the forum! That’s an adorable kitten! You can find some good books for kitten care...look for one by Amy Shojai. We’ll be happy to try to answer any questions you have.
        Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager: