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Anyone have experience with "soft tissue sarcoma"? Sadie has a lump.

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    Aww, poor Sadie. She doesn't understand what's going on. Hopefully she'll have clean margins and it will all be over with.
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      She is really doing well - the incision is looking great, and Thursday we get the stitches out!! I just can't wait for her crate rest to be over - she is SOOO FUSSY and barks her head off anytime she can't see me. Thankfully, most of my house is an "open plan" kind of thing where I can have her parked in the middle of the livingroom and she can see me at my desk, in the kitchen, or even watching tv. It's not a big house, so I'm usually in eyesight (LOL).

      So the plan currently is - Wednesday, we have a consult planned for her regular vet office, to talk about the options that the specialists want to do, then thursday, we get the stitches removed by the specialist (this way, she only has to be held down and examined once) and then talk about post-surgery treatment options. We know already we'll need to do something, given that they weren't able to get the margins needed - there's no "three inch margin" on a leg that's three inches in diameter! But she has full movement in the leg, better than she had before the surgery, so I feel 100% confident this was the right way to do things.
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        Good for Sadie. i am glad she is doing so well. Hopefully the post surgery treatment isn't too rough (ruff?).
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          That sounds good, Mary. Maybe she can have some sort of underwater therapy (Jill can tell you all about that). Meanwhile I'm happy she's doing so well.
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            Thanks for the glad she’s doing so well!
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