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Cat outer ear has black spots

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  • Cat outer ear has black spots

    ​​​​​​Outside my cat right ear there is some black spots. I tried to clean it with clean water and cotton ball, but the black spots won't come off and there are some little black specks visible in the cotton ball. Does anyone have any idea what this is?

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    I am not a vet, but there are some things to be asked before one considers it an emergency. Is there any swelling around the spots? Does your cat seem to be bothered, such as scratching the ears. If no to both, I would probably monitor, and if no changes, bring it up at the cat's next vet visit.


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      I can’t really see in the photo what you are concerned’s a little blurry. To me, anything that is a change and does not look normal is a good reason for a vet visit. An emergency? Probably not, but I think a triip to the vet is called for.
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