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Buffy went to da bridj

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  • Buffy went to da bridj

    Momee and dadee's frends upstayt had too cats, Opie (still arownd), and Buffy, hoo went to da bridge a fyoo days ago. Buffy was a reel liddle lite-brown cat, da runt of da litter, about 5 1/2 pownds, she culd only eat a small amount evree dae, and had medical issues most of her lyfe. But she was a frendlee cat, she liked to be petted. She was also very activ, she wuld run after toys, she liked to be rokd in da rokkin chair, she loved to be pushed in da stroller. She wuld wag her tayul wen she was happy like a dogee. Anywaes, she developed feline lukemia and a big tumor, and from dat time on, it was onlee a matter of days. She's at da bridge now, and sez hello to all you kittees and doggees.

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    Awww, weeer sorry to heer abowt Buffy. Iym shore awl ov da udder critter are showing hur arownd da brim.

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      Sorry to hear about Buffy. Our condolences.
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        So soree abowt Buffy! That iz verree sad nooz.
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