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  • Why did they change?

    I go through a lot of litter for my cats, and use the lightweight litter to make it easier on me. I have been providing two types of lightweight litter, but recently was notified that one of the brands was being discontinued, and being replaced with a 'new and improved' type. Since locally I wasn't able to get it, I got 4 boxes from Chewy. They are smaller size boxes than I normally want, but that seems to be what is only offered. Well, what a mistake. It certainly is different, does track less but adheres to their paws more, so I see paw prints on furniture, etc. They seem to shovel it more, so there is more of a mess as it gets spilled out of the litter box. And while it is supposed to clump hard, it clumps less tightly than the one they replaced. It is quite fluffy, but doesn't seem particularly dusty. And it is more expensive. While there are not stellar reviews on Chewy or PetSmart, there are on Amazon, but that is blocked for new reviews unless the person is a verified purchaser. So I suspect Amazon was being trolled. And reading some of the Amazon reviews, I wonder if they are reviewing the same litter. Now the company is a major player, so why did they do such a poor job? I realize the brand probably can't be named, but I will never buy that litter again. It is troubling, since now I will be providing only one type of lightweight litter, and PetSmart usually doesn't stock the quantity I normally buy. So that means more trips. Yes, I can get it from Chewy, but those then become heavy boxes, and I feel bad for the deliverer.

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    I am really liking the grass litter. It is lightweight and it lasts a lot longer than the regular litter does, which makes the higher cost not really higher. I have tried several brands and liked them all.

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      I like grass litter too Teresa. I use SmartCat. I wish Mazy cat would use it but she won't. She is strictly a clumping clay girl and when Cat's Pride discontinued their "natural" clumping product, and went to making only those awful "light" litters, I had to find something else. I am using Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra which Mazy cat approves of. I am not thrilled with it, but her opinion is more important than mine.

      Queen Eva likes that grass litter, and I use a blend for her with the clumping clay and the grass litter, because I like the results better than just the grass litter by itself. She uses the boxes interchangeably. Mazy cat uses only the clumping clay boxes.

      I didn't know Chewy had their own brand of grass litter. I've always used SmartCat because they are anti-declaw. Like you say, the litter lasts so long, cost really isn't a problem but I see the Chewy brand is $10 less!


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        By the way Calico I meant to say I'm sorry you've lost your favorite litter. I know how frustrating it is to find something new that suits both you and the cats.


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          It isn't that losing it is so bad, it is that it was superior and several of my cats really like it. My anger is directed more at the deceptive marketing the company is using to promote the new litter when they already had a very good product.


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            Yes, that's what happened with the Cat's Pride litter I was using. They wanted everyone to use their new "fresh and light litter in the green jug". You couldn't get coupons for anything but the green jug litter. Lots of raves about how great this new litter was, and the litter I used gradually got more and more difficult to find, and more and more expensive. Until it disappeared all together. I wrote to them numerous times (as did many others) asking them to keep that litter. Their only response was to send more coupons for the green jug litter "fresh and light". None of their other litters suited either me or my cats, and I became so disillusioned I wouldn't want to use their products now even if they brought the Cat's Pride Natural back.

            I do love the grass seed litter and wish Mazy cat would use it but she refuses.



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              I wrote a review on Chewy, and today they responded. They will give me credit for the unused litter, and I can donate it or do anything else with it. I will have to make some calls, since hours and visits are severely restricted at shelters, etc.


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                I never heard of grass litter. I don’t like the lightweight litters, other than they’re lightweight. They don’t clump nearly as well, and track more. I’m currently using a product put out by Pet Food Express that I like a lot.
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                  The one lightweight litter I have been using is like dark sand, fine grain, tracks a little bit but clumps hard. And several of my cats really like it. So far I have a fair amount on hand, but that won't last too long. And naturally, that is the litter that is discontinued. The other lightweight litter I provide is a bit more dusty and is larger grain and doesn't track too much. I expect that litter to be available far into the future.

                  in edit: I am donating the litter to a shelter that allows the cats to freely roam, although they have separate rooms for kittens, older cats, etc. I talked to them yesterday, and will drop it off tomorrow on their covered entryway, as it will be before they open although with Covid-19 restrictions 'open' is a misleading term anyway.

                  in second edit: A person was going in to work as I dropped off the litter. She said they have an older arthritic cat that they use this litter for, so they are pleased to get the donation.
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