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  • Misty is on the right path

    The red flag for Misty was her weight at her check up in August, of 7.3 lbs. That was a large loss, and sure enough, hyperthyroidism. After medication, in one month she went to 7.9 pounds. Lately, she hasn't wanted to eat what she previously loved (Friskies Party Mix), so I got concerned. Part is due to hairballs since she grooms herself vigorously and swallows lots of fur. And an upchuck of frothy white fluids is a sign of hairball problems. But today, she came in at 8.2 pounds. So that is the right direction. She may be eating overnight. She has another three weeks on the medication, then the break, and then the radioactive iodine treatment.

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    Good for her. What should her weight be?
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      Misty is a fluffy kitty, not a hefty kitty. When I first got her, she was just over 9 pounds, and her check up before her diagnosis of hyperthyroidism was 9.4 pounds. At her diagnosis, she was 7.3 pounds. I guess I would be satisfied if she was 9-10 pounds, or perhaps a bit more. When Kalki (rb) was on medication of hyperthyroidism, she gradually lost weight and that is what was fatal for her. That is why I hope to change that possibility with radioactive iodine treatment with Misty. The vet said they have found cats with hyperthyroidism also have digestive problems.


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        That’s good news for Misty!
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