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Do cats show embarrassment?

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  • Do cats show embarrassment?

    At dinner time, my cats get some wet food. Otherwise, they have dry food at all times. It can be rather frantic, as each cats tries to convince me they haven't had food for years. Jazmine jumps up on the counter, and Elsa is underfoot, meowing and vigorously licking my legs if I am wearing shorts. Chase usually jumps up on the counter also. Tonight, Chase decided to take a longer route. Jump up on the arm of the chair, to the table, across to the counter, and ready for her food. She jumped for the arm of the chair, and spectacularly failed, and fell. I swear she looked as if she was embarrassed, and started to slink out of the kitchen. I called to her, comforted her and did not laugh. I gave her her food in a dish placed on the floor. But no one can convince me she did not look sheepish at her failure to make the short jump.

    in edit: In tonight's feeding, watching Chase was like watching a gazelle smoothly moving to her spot on the counter.
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    Aww, poor thing. At least she got her food.
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      No, what you really mean is that she was letting you know she meant to do that!
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        If she did it, she meant to do it. That is the definition of a cat. She probably thought you needed a laugh and was disappointed that her slapstick didn’t work.
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