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Miney: Rest in Peace, Sweet Little Man

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  • Miney: Rest in Peace, Sweet Little Man

    Our son and brother Miney left us today shortly before noon.

    Miney succumbed to lymphoma after a brave fight of several months.

    Miney and his littermates were feral kittens born in April of 2003. Of the three, Miney became the most social, always greeting visitors and friends and loving scritches and cuddles.

    Besides his grieving people, Miney leaves behind littermate Teddy and new stepbrother Carol.

    Waiting for him at the bridge are his idol and mentor, Alfie (1995-2012); his other littermate, Moe (2003-2017); his good friend LittleCat (2010?-2016); and the other Elder Cats, Sam (1988-2007), Tommy (1995-2013), and Joy (1998-2017).

    His memory will always be a blessing.

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    We never forget those we lose, and they always will have a place in our hearts. He had a long life, but as we know, never long enough.


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      I'm sorry to hear about Miney. He's reunited with his heavenly family now.
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        Sorry to hear about Miney’s passing. My condolences.
        The Bee and me, Maggie Forever! (January 1988- June 19, 2010), Irving Always! (March 1987 - October 25, 1999) Vancouver, BC, Theo my big beautiful boy. July 27, 2010-April 3, 2017


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          So sorry about Miney. He had a long life, and was blessed with a good home. I know you'll miss him terribly. Also waiting for him at the Bridge are all of our forum Bridge kids. Hugs to you Mitch
          Diane and Cicero - Sr. Manager:


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            So sorry Mitch, it's so hard to say goodbye to them.


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              He had a good run, but it’s never long enough. They should all,ive to be a hundred.


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                sorry to hear that, rest in peace the beloved one.