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Flea Spray Vs. Medicine?

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  • Flea Spray Vs. Medicine?


    Indeed, we have dogs at home and I am not a big fan of cats, but my husband brought a beautiful Persian cat at home last week. She is clean and pretty but I noticed she is itching and having fleas. I checked it with a comb and found a single bug and then combed her with water and detergent. Yes, I found this idea via an article. However, I am still noticing some tiny movement on her tail. That's why I am willing to use medicine or flea spray. I found that Capstar and Comfortis would work to kill fleas if we go with medicine option.

    But according to my husband, the use of flea sprays would be better. According to him, mayhap the cat adopted these fleas from our yard or somewhere from the house. In this regard, we also found some flea sprays from here ( ), but I am not sure which one would work better? Secondly, do you think we should also spray it on our dogs? Could it be a chance of flea eggs adoption in them?

    All in all, we are confused and need a piece of sound advice. I don't think I am going to comb this cat again. It is a tough job. Therefore, give me a non-toxic suggestion to get rid of these fleas.

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    Most pet owners who treat their pets for fleas and ticks use a once a month application of something like Revolution or Advantage, and there are some newer products out there. Just make sure it is specific for your pet. For instance, Advantage K-9 is toxic for cats. As far as treating your yard, that is a much tougher issue and I can't give advice on that. I rarely hear about using Capstar anymore, except that it is one of the few products that can be used on very young kittens.


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      Topical application like Calico suggested is usually recommended by vets,but yu might check with yur vet to see what they recommend.
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        Whether you should spray your yard depends on where you live and whether the cat goes outside. Obviously, the dogs do.

        The products recommended for the cats are Revolution, Advantage and Frontline, though Frontline is less effective. Capstar is a one-time treatment that will kill all the fleas on the cat at the moment, but will not protect her against fleas in the future. I didn't realize Confortis had been approved for cats, but I see they are advertising that it is. You could ask your vet.

        In general, avoid flea collars and other over-the-counter products from pet stores. Some are dangerous.

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          Even though we haven’t had flea bitten ferals show up in many years, and even though we do drop-on flea treatment in summer, I still keep generic Capstar around for emergencies because two of ours have truly horrible flea allergies and Advantage can take a day or so to work. Those two are also immune-compromised and our vet thought best to use the meds only during summer or when our usual combing shows signs of flea dirt, eggs or fleas. (Flea combs are also great for getting shedding hair out of a cat’s coat before they groom themselves into hair ball factories.)

          Frontline stopped working in our area a few years ago, so that’s something to ask your vet about. Ours don’t go outside, but fleas can come in, surprisingly early some years. If your dogs and cats wear whatever good monthly treatment, you probably don’t need to spray your yard. A lot of dog heartworm meds also get rid of fleas, so you might ask your vet about that, too.


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            From my experience, I always used flea spray for my cats. Both outdoor and indoor cats. But after spraying, my cats had lots of diarrhoea. Im not sure for dogs though.


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              Thanks for your suggestions. However, yesterday, I saw a lady on Facebook which was using a comb to remove fleas from the head of a little puppy. She was just washing the combing in her sink. Honestly, I found it a very odd way to remove them. I think spraying is still better.


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                both are okay if you used it wisely, I mean I use the medicine before and also flea spray but both just give a 5/10 output. but then, I started to googled the right way to use and it gets better


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                  All owners should know how dangerous fleas and ticks are for dogs and how to protect their pet. Spray for dogs from fleas and ticks is the most effective preventive tool